I don’t like Teamwork, I love it !.

With the Ashes in full swing and the third test being just a stones throw from us here in Birmingham City Centre, I started to think about the team work that must be at the back end of all the preparation that goes into the months leading up to the start of this important event.

Here at Mitchell Adam we base our ethos and culture around being a transparent, boutique firm with honest values. The team here is very strong and we do all genuinely get along together. I think this is the base of our success and I’m sure it is very much the same with many other businesses. Having come from a corporate background but still working within a sales environment I can confidently say that the attributes adapted to how this team works is completely different, and it works well.

One of my first tasks as the brand ambassador was to look at and focus on the marketing and branding of the company which includes social responsibility. As we proudly support Acorns Children’s Charity, I put together a lunch party to help raise money. This was my first opportunity to get everyone in the office behind me and support me in this event. I put together a lunch party and asked everyone here at Mitchell Adam to do some home cooking and bring it in to sell to one another along with the rest of our building. This is a prime example of how we work together at every level and support each others objectives. We raised a fair amount and I was genuinely so pleased.

At the risk of sounding like a block of corporate cheese “Team work really does makes the dream work” It is one thing to have a team and quite another to have a team that “works” Through the good times and bad, as the recent events in the last two Ashes tests have proven, it is about pulling together and carrying on even when we may feel disheartened with the task in hand.

Having worked in many ‘blame culture” environments throughout my past career, I have learned a great deal about the importance of accountability and unity – after all, unity is the difference between an average team and a great team and will very much be the journey from good to great within a business.

Alistair Cook, England’s cricket captain, is under constant scrutiny for his leadership but has openly said that he hopes to improve during the Ashes. He believes that the support of his team and working with them will improve his captaincy and allow him to better lead. I think this says a lot about Cook’s attitude and absence of arrogance, he isn’t perfect but he knows this and is pushing himself to improve as much as he pushes his players. I have worked for several different superiors, some good, some bad. The best ones pushed me to improve and progress and the worst ones just wanted to stay on top. The best leaders don’t create followers but create more leaders.

We are a progressive and tenacious company who are always looking to meet new people who share our values. So if you would be interested in working with us as part of the Mitchell Adam team or if you would like us to help you expand your team, we would really like to meet with you.

 – Emma George –

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