Top Talent VS Top Tenants – Finding the best people..

 Having worked in the recruitment industry for a little over 3 months I am starting to see more and more similarities to the industry that I worked in and knew so well for so many years.

Although the economy is repairing itself as we soar on from the credit crunch, this only makes the job market ever more competitive amongst good candidates. There are indeed a lot more jobs out there now compared to 5 years ago which is great news; however is finding top talent getting harder?

At Mitchell Adam, one of the things we pride ourselves on is our dedication to our excellent service in helping clients not only recruit, but retain top talent. This is similar, in a fashion, to what I used to do on a daily basis within the property industry. Working within a busy lettings office is equally as fast paced and busy as a recruitment office. They both have a vibrant atmosphere that oozes passion and is fun to be a part of.

As the lettings market has gone from strength to strength since the property crash in 2008, it has seen the demand for many tenants needing to be married up with many properties as a result of people in the UK either not being able to afford to buy or sadly not being able to afford to sell. As a manager and valuer within residential lettings, one thing I always promised my landlords was to not find them the first tenant but to find them the right tenant. That has historically been what has separated the average from the excellent in the property world and is also the case within recruitment; being truly focussed on building long term relationships and not quick wins. It is all in the service delivery!

As a client looking to recruit, for example a financial controller, it is of course important to do so in a timely manner. However it is of equal or more importance to find the right person for the role; for that person to be the best candidate out there and for that person to stay and enjoy long-term success with the company. The last thing that anyone wants is to spend time that they don’t have (and money that they don’t want to waste) going through the recruitment process, only to find they have to do it again a few months later.

Within lettings, as many of my property connections will know, there are typically two types of landlord that you will come across, the most common is the nervous landlord. The landlord that wants the best tenant – a tenant who will always pay, look after his house immaculately and stay a long time. This isn’t all that different within recruitment and when done wrong is perhaps why recruiters get given a bad name alongside estate agents. Our clients want the best employees, someone who will work the role well and stay with the company a long time.

Finding that top talent is our primary job. Each and every day we select the Midlands’ best financial people for the Midlands’ best financial jobs. We would love to talk to anyone within the accountancy & finance market about your recruitment processes and hear about your needs. We work as an extension of your business delivering a refreshing recruitment experience to all of our clients through the Midlands and welcome your call.

– Emma George –


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