Top 10 Mothers Day Gifts for Office Moms.

Mothering Sunday, the beautiful day we have to celebrate our lovely mums, moms (or any other name you use to refer to that special person who sacrificed their figure and youthful frolics to bring you life), falls on the 30th March this year.

So, it got me thinking, a lot of people ask the same questions every year: “What can I get for the woman who has everything?” Or, “I get her flowers every year. What else can I get her?”

I put my thinking cap on and came to the conclusion that a gift that can be used around 210 days a year, that can brighten up a place we spend a huge amount of time in and a gift that gives a mother the chance to show off how wonderful her child is (which we all know they LOVE to do) would seem perfect.

As this blog is about accountant/office moms – I think mommy might agree it’s also worthy investment?

Top 5 Accountancy Mom Gifts

Travel Mug 1Travel mug 2


I think we all know the sound of ‘the voice’ and woe betide the receiver… even if it is your Mum’s ‘Accountant Voice’. This Travel Mug would be the perfect vessel to house your mom’s tea/coffee, and hopefully help keep ‘the voice’ at bay. It also acts as a great warning to her colleagues – the gift that keeps on giving! It will set you back £19.00 from Cafe Press. Link at the end of the blog.


accountant mom pillow

Sitting in the same chair day after day can be very uncomfortable! So how about providing your mom with a comfy pillow to keep her back in check, as she keeps those books in check? It’s £17 from Cafe Press. The link is at the bottom of this blog.

Calulator iphone case

This next gift may not be specifically for the office, but as it’s a mobile case it will probably be in the office just as much as your mom – longer if you’re memory is as bad as ours! This calculator case will come to the princely sum of £13.50, and is again, from Cafe Press. The link is at the bottom of this blog.

its accrual world clock

Moms are very, very busy people – never say otherwise… trust me, it’s not a good idea – and when you’re that busy you need to keep a very tight schedule. This clock will help your mom keep track of all her daily duties, and bring a smile to her face as she checks! This clock is £15.50 and is from.. you guessed it, Cafe Press. The link is at the bottom of this blog.

Tote bag - Accountant
Do you not only have the world best mum, but the world’s best accountant? Why not get her a lovely tote bag expressing half of that sentiment? This bag can be brought from Cafe Press and retails at £12.00.

*We are not affiliated with Cafe Press, believe it or not, and all views are my own*

Top 5 Office Gifts

Message Beanstalk seeds

A potted plant can change the feel of your whole desk. And a plant that says I love you… well, that’s impossible! Or is it? These Message Beanstalk Seeds come in packs of five, each with a different sentiment. And they have a pack for Mother’s day! They’re £3 from Not on the High street. The link can be found at the end of the blog.


Perhaps your mum is a tea addict? This three month subscription is perfect for a mother who enjoys a fine brew, and it’ll make those tea breaks even sweeter! The three month subscription costs £32.00 and can be ordered from Not on the High Street– there are also options for six and nine month subscriptions. The link is at the bottom of the blog.


Every girl needs lip balm. And I haven’t met a girl yet who doesn’t love a cocktail. A combination of the two can only be amazing! And  to have lip balm at hand when working is a godsend; especially when your lips are so dry you can’t stop licking them – it doesn’t look too professional. There are two flavours, mojito and pina colada, and they cost £3.25 each. They can be purchased from Not on the High Street.The link is at the bottom of the blog.


If you’re mom is a lover of reading (especially of classic novels) and owns a bare kindle, why not get her this classic book cover to keep it protected whilst reading on the move. She isn’t going to want to risk scratching her prized possession – remember the time you took your brand new bike for a spin round the block and came back with that tiny scuff on the handle bar? She wasn’t too impressed now, was she? These lovely covers are £24.95 and can be purchased from Not on the High Street. The link is at the bottom of the blog.


Moms love organisation. A messy room can turn them from kisses and cuddles, to terror and tantrums quicker than you can mumble ‘…I love you…’ So how about helping them keep check of their pens and pencils/makeup whilst at work? This beautiful case, with a beautiful sentiment, can do just this. It costs £9.75 and is from Not on the High street.The link is below.


Travel Mug

‘Accountant Mom’ pillow

Iphone case

‘It’s Accrual World’ clock

Tote Bag

Message Beanstalk Seeds

Monthly Tea Subscription

Cocktail Flavoured Lip Balm

Classic Book Cover for ipad

Classic Book Cover for Kindle Reader

‘Beautiful Inside and Out’ case

Featured image (of office mother and baby) courtesy of franky242 /

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