The Get Britain Working and Good Recruitment Campaigns – a busy week for the recruitment industry!.

This week the #GetBritainWorking campaign has been in full force! With an undeniable presence on twitter, it would be rude of us, as recruitment specialists, to ignore the campaign and debate surrounding it.

So, what is the Get Britain Working Campaign about?

Well, the title is a fairly self explanatory – the aim of the game is to get more people back into work – with Number 10 and the Department of Work and Pensions’ asking recruitment specialists for their top tips on searching for a job. There’s been an abundance of fantastic tweets and blogs, with advice that may easily slip your mind (click here for the number 10 shortlist). Each day is a different topic, from CV tips to how to dress for an interview (there is some great advice on Pinterest here).

Here at Mitchell Adam we fully support the campaign and have offered our advice and blogs to show this. We offered our blog, ‘Top 10 Tips to Calm Interview Nerves’ (read it here) and a little advice from one of our upcoming blog on CV’s (highlight your achievements, not just job duties).

For more information on the campaign follow this link to the Policy page on

But it doesn’t stop there for the world of recruitment, and we saw yet another campaign launched on the social network scene, the #goodrecruitment campaign. Like the Get Britain Working campaign, its presence on twitter throughout the week has been fairly substantial; with some big names in the industry showing their support.

What’s the Good Recruitment Campaign about?

The campaign has been launched to “promote the critical importance that good recruitment practice plays in organisational success.”(REC, The Good Recruitment Campaign). The hiring and retention of not just talented staff, but those who are adaptable and able to retain, is an issue highlighted recently in HR/Recruitment articles and blogs; and with the UK losing out on more than £1.2 billion due to avoidable recruitment mismatches/errors (Editor, HR Review – read here) the good recruitment campaign is a great gateway to provide employers, and the third party recruiters who help them, a basis on how to make the best decisions – whilst still remaining compliant.  REC have put together nine principles of the good recruitment to do just this – read all nine here. The campaign is already supported by some big names, such as Santander, Royal Mail and G4S, to name but a few – and support is growing daily.

The Get Britain Working and Good Recruitment campaigns are increasingly important to employers, third party recruiters and candidates – and with issues in HR/Recruitment such increasing employment without skilled workers, long term unemployment and unadaptable talent – the advice and support from both campaigns could prove invaluable.

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