The Botanist Cocktail Masterclass – A Review.

Last Friday some of our team popped over to The Botanist on Temple Street only two days after making a cocktail masterclass booking, and we loved it! There were three menu options, we chose the Mediterranean Masterclass with a poppy and pomegranate martini, apricot and peach smash and cardamom and orange spritz. It was held in a private room downstairs with rustic décor and we were able to take up to 10 people for the two-hour session, we also paid a little extra for some nibbles.


The mixologist demonstrated how to make a cocktail before letting us behind the bar in groups to make our own… there were a few spillages and interesting concentration faces! It was really fun and we’ll definitely be going there again to try out one of the other menus.

Click here for further information or to book a cocktail masterclass at The Botanist.

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