The Advantages of Temporary Recruitment.

While there is a continuous growth in new permanent opportunities, temporary ones have started to take over the UK. One of the biggest benefits to hiring a contracted worker is their inherent flexibility, and this keeps them in the forefront of staffing solutions.

Companies are no longer employing temporary workers for their short term needs to help with business requirements – many, actually, now see it as part of their long term business plan. They can bring so many different benefits to a team and are no longer limited to secretaries and file clerks, but a myriad of different titles, at any level and in any industry.

There are many advantages to hiring employees on a temporary basis via an employment agency, here are some below!


This can be a major advantage when hiring temporary staff; so many businesses are subject to seasonal fluctuations or sometimes just need a quick fix for sudden turnover, long-term leaves, or special projects, while eliminating the need to appoint a permanent resource that isn’t required year-round. Being able to employ contracted workers enables them to adapt their team when needed without having to go through the time-consuming, hard task of letting go or hiring permanent employees.

Fast process

There can be many reasons why hiring somebody fast can be helpful to an employer; they have regular employee absences, need someone to cover a maternity leave or maybe they just need an extra pair of hands ASAP! Hiring temporary staff is a much quicker process than permanent employees and 99% of the time they are on an extremely short notice period or immediately available.


Hiring on a temporary basis can give the employee a little bit of time to evaluate the position and the company to see if it’s the right fit. It’s also an excellent and cost efficient way for businesses to test the abilities of a new worker without the commitment of signing them on permanently. In many ways, it’s almost like a long interview process and can be a brilliant way to ensure they are hiring the right people!

Cost Effective

Temporary workers can be a cost effective option because the recruitment consultancy is responsible for everything, including; screening, skill testing, general management and the whole payroll process! On top of this, they are really only paid for the hours they work. Hourly rates are implemented rather than a salary, which means the employer may sometimes have to provide overtime rates but this is still more cost effective than hiring a permanent employee if you don’t need somebody long term.

We have Specialist Temporary Recruitment Consultants here at Mitchell Adam, which cover all levels throughout the Finance and Accountancy sector. If you need an extra pair of hands for whatever reason, please give us a call and we will be able to help!

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