Recruitment Fever – Qualities to Help You Select a Winning Team!.

Football fever has hit not only the nation, but the globe! With the world cup kicking off Thursday 12th June excitement fills everyone; even those like myself, with no interest what so ever in football (unless its soccer aid – who can say no to Olly Murs in shorts; and it’s for charity! Win!).

This year the world cup will see 32 teams take to the pitches of 12 different Brazilian venues. The nation will be collectively feeling the high’s and (probably) lows of the iconic tournament: and as father’s day falls on the first weekend of the world cup, I’m sure there will be many dads using this to guilt trip their grip on the TV remote! Dads in households across the nation will be crying at their TV sets “Oh for god’s sake! If I was managing I would have done this…” or “Why on earth did he start with that player?….”. Everyone becomes an undiscovered England manager when it’s the world cup.

But team selection is a very big deal no matter what/who you’re selecting the team for. A recruiter, whether internal or a consultant, at times has to face the same scrutiny over the decisions they make as a football manager; that’s what you get when you deal in people management! And building a great football team or a great business team is often a strength that provides stability and stay-ability.

It’s a recruiter’s job to help build the best team for a business, like it’s a football mangers job to build the best team for their nation. So I posed the question to our consultants ‘What makes a great recruiter?’ Below is their advice on the qualities you need to succeed in recruitment; providing you with a winning team!


Communication is, if we’re honest, a big part of most things; but when you deal in people management its key. How else can you earn the respect of others? And whether you’re a football manager or a recruiter, the respect of your team (be them players, candidates or even clients) is paramount to success.

You want people to listen to all the invaluable knowledge you have, and then win… obviously! To earn the respect of others you need to;

  • Listen – in order to understand your role in selection, you need to know exactly who is needed and why. For a consultant that would be the job specification. If you don’t understand the spec, how can you possibly select the right candidate? A client will lose patience, and eventually respect for you if you can’t get the basics right! But solely listening to your clients won’t help you select the best person for the job; you need to understand the candidates needs and wants also. If your candidate doesn’t want to work for a particular type of employer or work in a certain kind of position, even if the team, client or your manager loves them, you should never push them to take the role; they probably won’t like it and then won’t stay! This links to my next point, honesty.
  • Be Honesty and trustworthy – You may not mind sitting on the bench for a while, if you know why and possibly how long you’ll be there. This is especially true of candidates. A candidate will respect you and want to be part of your team if you’re honest and let them know why they aren’t seeing results as quickly as they may like. Never over sell a position. Although equally, never over sell a candidate. Honesty is just as important to clients. And in order to build long-lasting working relationships, you need to build a high level of trust with people.
  • Never over Promise – Being confident in your own ability is a great trait and it’s necessary to excel in people management – to lead you need to act like a leader – however, promising and failing to deliver results makes you look incompetent. How can someone put all their trust in you and work to deadlines when you’re not holding up your end of the deal?
  • Relate to others –Being able to relate to others and put yourself in someone else’s shoes can help you build strong relationships. Most football managers have been players themselves, and all recruiters have (at some point in their lives) been unemployed or looking for other employment; take that common ground and build from it! Even if a candidate lets you down, don’t take it too personally; and never lose your temper. Circumstances arise that people have no control over. If you’d lost your temper any future working relationship probably would be severed; would you really want to work with someone so callus and unfeeling? And as one of our consultants rightly highlights, one of your candidates may become a client in the future; if you play your cards right!

Staying Organised

If you’re in charge of 23 men who’s average age is around 26, personally, I think organisation is going to be of upmost importance! The same can be said of recruiters. Staying organised will not only help you stay on top of your work load, but also ensure you make time for both candidates and clients. If you say you’re going to call someone at a specified time – do it! You don’t want to waste anyone’s time, and risk ruining any relationships you’ve already built. A simple reminder on your preferred device can be a god send; we are all human after all, and distraction can happen (…Olly Murs, Shorts, soccer aid…)!

There were many other valuable points made by all of our recruiters (but I think I’ll save them for another post!). But the most important point made was trust. The best recruiters have trust and transparency at their heart. I think the same can be said of a football manager; if a team doesn’t trust the manager and the decisions they make, unrest and poor performance are sure to follow. And who wants a restless, under performing team? Not us.

We hope eveyone enjoys the world cup!

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