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We believe that a recruitment business should actually add value to your permanent, contract and temporary recruitment processes.


  • Face-to-face job briefs:

To ensure that we can accurately match the right candidate to your vacancy, we always suggest taking a job brief face-to-face with you. That way, we can get a much better understanding of your business; from the culture, the environment, the team and the key values of the business as a whole. We can also discuss the specific and intricate details of your particular requirement in much greater depth, and are always keen to understand why you have the requirements you have. This whole process gives us a genuine in-depth understanding of your business and requirements, enabling us to effectively align ourselves with your business and your expectations of new staff. This in turn ensures that we are well placed to offer a much better ‘value-adding’ service, allowing us to a) represent your business in the way you want it to be represented, b) select only the most relevant candidates for your vacancy that fulfil your technical requirements and fit in with your business environment.

  • Thoroughly pre-screened candidates:

You can be assured that we have met every single candidate we will ever recommend to you. We are passionate about ensuring we deliver long-term solutions to our clients. In order to do this, we need to meet our candidates to accurately assess their experience and skills as well as their motivations, ambitions and requirements. Only then are we able to make a fully-informed recommendation to you – not only will the candidate meet your technical and business requirements, but we know that you will also meet theirs.

Due to our years of experience and the relationships we have formed along the way, we also have a large network of ‘passive’ candidates. These candidates don’t apply to jobs, aren’t registered with agencies and are currently highly valued in their own respective businesses. Therefore we can provide the best proven talent for your short-list that you will not get anywhere else, and with whom we have had successful long-term relationships.

  • In-depth short-listing process:

Based on our face-to-face screening and briefing processes, we can quickly understand and identify which of our candidates are going to match your intricate requirements at every level. We will only ever recommend a candidate to you if we are 100% certain that they not only meet your expectations, but that you, your business and your vacancy also meet theirs. We apply this two-way matching process to every single one of our assignments. Time is precious; we don’t want to waste your time, our candidates’ time or ours by making recommendations that aren’t appropriate. This means that we always try to aim to recommend the 2-3 absolute best candidates for your opportunity, rather than a raft of candidates who are less accurately matched.

  • Candidate profiling:

Meeting with and conducting a detailed initial screening interview with all of our candidates allows us to accurately explain why we are recommending them to you. We complete thorough ‘Interview Reports’ after each candidate meeting, and can provide you with these reports in order to help you understand more about the candidate, and more about why we have recommended them to you. This will give you a much more complete picture of a candidate than just their CV ever could.

  • Planning and managing the interview process:

The interview process can be fraught with challenges and risks. Even if you have identified an interview shortlist of 3 excellent and highly relevant candidates, a poorly managed interview process can severely affect the probability of successfully offering and securing an appointment.

We will work with you to ensure that we plan a timely and effective interview schedule, ensuring that agreed timelines are implemented from the outset in order to ensure the expectations of our clients and candidates are managed appropriately. We constantly analyse and manage the candidate’s interest levels in your opportunity, as well as any other vacancies they are being considered for – keeping you informed of any relevant updates that may affect the interview process.

  • Offer management:

We believe that an offer made to a candidate following an effectively managed recruitment process should never be turned down. Both parties should enter this critical phase in the recruitment process knowing each other’s expectations and agendas comprehensively – eliminating the risk of these expectations being too different. By offering a completely transparent and honest service throughout the entire process, we can ensure we arrive at the offer stage in this manner. This will ensure that offers taken and delivered are in line with expectations, and are managed professionally – drastically reducing the risk of an offer not being accepted.

  • Aftercare:

We commit to keeping an open dialogue with our clients during the crucial first 3 months of a new appointment. This ensures that we can offer feedback to our clients regarding our candidate’s thoughts about their progress in their new role, and can identify and address any potential issues early – dealing with these in a tactful, honest and professional manner.

  • Sector specific expertise and understanding:

We have extensive experience of recruiting finance staff within specific sectors over the years we have been in the industry. This has helped us understand the value of certain skills and expertise within a certain sector that may not be as important or prevalent in another. Consequently, we are able to quickly identify candidates with this specific skill-set and include them in your recruitment process as necessary.

  • Talent management & mapping:

Effectively managing the talent in your organisation is critical. It not only helps you attract new talent, but crucially it helps you to realise key ambitions and goals for your business. We are able to provide insightful advice regarding succession planning, key employee engagement, and ‘mapping’ and managing the existing talent in your organisation to ensure it aligns with your wider business strategy – ensuring that you attract and retain the best talent for your company.

  • Salary benchmarking, market intelligence and market analysis:

Due to our vast experience of recruiting in the very specific market of accountancy & finance staff in the Midlands, we have acquired sound market intelligence. We also constantly analyse and report on market activities to reflect current trends and patterns affecting the industry. As a result, we can provide useful information bespoke to your needs – whether this be accurate information of salary profiling and benchmarking, market mapping, competitor analysis, brand profiling, market trends and advertising.

  • Bespoke service offering:

We are a consultancy, not an agency – so we offer a consultative service. We fully appreciate that every single client and every single assignment is different. We operate complete flexibility in the way we service our clients, tailoring or approach according to their respective specific needs. This extends to offering different recruitment products dependent upon the needs of our clients to complement our robust contingent model. These services include retained assignments, search and selection, executive search and bespoke / branded advertisement campaigns.

  • Transparency and honesty:

Transparency and honesty in all aspects of our delivery is something we are absolutely passionate about. The biggest complaint we commonly encounter from our clients in regards to dealing with recruitment agencies is the apparent absence of honesty, transparency and integrity. We want to build effective, valuable long-term relationships with every single one of our clients – helping us to continually build a reputation for excellence and great service that will help us to grow our business in the future. We understand that this can only be achieved by delivering an honest and professional service that is notably different from our competitors, operating with complete transparency and working with our client to find them excellent long-term solutions to their recruitment requirements.


Of course, this is only a general indication as to some of the typical services we offer to our clients and candidates. We do appreciate that you are all different… You will receive a totally unique and comprehensive service, tailored specifically to your needs.


Please call us on 0121 616 0240 to see what we mean…

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