My First Cycle – Ron Adjei.

With the Velo fast approaching only 3 months away and running out of excuses as temperatures rise and all the gear possibly available now purchased, I decided to take the bike out for its first spin. Leaving the warmth and security of the spin bike in the gym and getting out on the open road!

In cycling terms I am a novice, a BMX and mountain bike kid with no significant cycling experience in my adult years… but how hard can it be, as the saying goes ‘it’s just like riding a bike’?

As someone who is always up for giving things a go and taking on a challenge I was convinced to kick it up a notch and use a road bike with wheels the width of a bread stick and clip in shoes that harness you to a bike tighter then a clam with lock jaw.

The initial results…

Not the most graceful of landings and the literal image of “All the gear… no idea”.

My first session riding the bike came naturally just as the saying goes… But the concept of my brain telling my feet to unclip and take a step off the bike when stopping didn’t quite come so naturally. Although picking up a few knocks to the head, knees and hip, I kept a smile on my face and remembered practice makes perfect! I set out again the next day for an hour ride and successfully managed to nail the dismount!

Although a light-hearted post, there is a reason behind the madness of why Mitchell Adam are taking on the 100 mile Birmingham Velo – for some great charitable causes, namely the Edward’s Trust. It is a great local cause that supports children and families facing loss and surviving bereavement, it doesn’t go without thinking how fortunate some of us are and how the support of others can go unnoticed.

The Edward’s Trust is a valiant cause and one that can hit home to nearly every single one of us who has lost someone, especially when a child is involved. With your help, donating to the just giving page on the link below can truly change people’s lives across the West Midlands.

To support the Edward’s Trust and give what you can please follow the link to our fundraising page… I’m giving 100 miles, what can you give?

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