Mitchell Adam Third Birthday!.

Last week saw a mile stone in Mitchell Adam History, the company celebrated its third birthday – for new businesses this birthday is a biggie! It’s been called ‘The Three Year Glitch’ – by Intuit (if you’d like to read the article it can be found via the link at the bottom of the page) and has been referenced in other articles online– so as you can imagine, especially any fellow start-ups, we’re pretty proud to be celebrating this golden nugget of  business birthdays.

I had the pleasure of interviewing both directors Mitchell Thompson and Adam Butler, to discover just how much they’ve accomplished and progressed these last three years.

The Interview

I’d like to start by congratulating you both on the 3rd anniversary of your business.  You’ve obviously both found careers in which you thrive, so I’d like to begin by asking you about the start of your career and why you chose Financial Recruitment:

When did your career as a financial recruitment consultant begin?

Mitchell: Straight after University. We both started at the same consultancy as graduate trainee consultants.

Adam: Yeah, we went straight into a start up consultancy with no client base. We were part of a team who had to build the base from scratch.

Was Financial Recruitment you’re first choice?

Adam: I looked into other sectors – IT, Engineering and Finance –but my degree made accounting the right choice; I felt I had enough know-how to make a genuine impact and help both companies and candidates.

And Mitchell, why did you choose financial recruitment?

Mitchell: Well… every business needs an accountant!

Very True! So what success did you both see in your first role?

Adam: I started the clerical desk from scratch; then the perm desk; the Part qualified desk and the post qualified desk. I had to bring on and build lasting relationships with new clients – some of which we still do business with today.

Mitchell: I was the top billing consultant from my first year, to my last 7 years later. I was named top for both Temp appointments and overall top biller each year.

Adam: *laughs*… I was top billing perm consultant… but Mitch really did top everything else from start to finish.

As you were both so successful in your last roles, why did you choose to open your own business?

Mitchell: We felt there was a gap in the market for a boutique consultancy offering quality service to both clients and candidates.

Adam: Even though it was a risky move and we took a bit of a gamble starting our business during the recession, we knew that there were still plenty of businesses recruiting around the region, but they were looking for not only quality candidates, but quality service – something more for their money – which we knew we could deliver. By opening our own business we could tweak and build on our previous successes, as well as offering that extra mile that the market was lacking.

What kind of hurdles have you had to overcome to get to the position you’re in now?

Mitchell: At the time it didn’t feel too tough but looking back now, I’d say trading from a tiny box room in Victoria Square had complications – working in a room with no widows for over nine hours a day can be a real struggle; cabin fever sets in quickly! Also, maintaining the right work/life balance. We both had to juggle young families, whilst also committing the time a new business needs.

Adam: * nods in agreement* … The week before we started trading I became a farther for the first time! So not only was a new father, but a new business owner in the space of a week!

And, other than some of your personal highlights, what’s been your business highlight so far?

Both: Hitting every target!

Adam: And seeing our team grow and develop has been great. We’re all about developing consultants with enough industry knowledge to be able to offer, not only a fantastic recruitment service, but an equally good consultancy service – with development advice – be that candidate career development, or honest feedback to clients reflecting current trends.

Mitchell: Yeah, and seeing the team getting the results they deserve is a great buzz! It’s great to see them develop. And, another highlight has to be winning some prestigious clients.

What has your experience of the recession been like?

Adam: Regarding our own business, we’ve had a very positive experience of the recession. But we know many people, senior and highly talented guys, who have really struggled. They’ve lost their jobs and then found it difficult to get back into work.

Mitchell: Yeah, we’ve learnt a lot from the recession; mainly the importance of individuals and having a good recruitment process in place.

The potential for career development and falling levels of unemployment have been popular topics this year – have you seen any changes?

Adam: Clients are certainly more willing to offer study packages now and invest in the right people.

Mitchell: Yeah definitely, we’ve seen a rise in the amount of jobs we get that offer great study packages. This is also true of recruitment in general to be honest, there’s been a rise in study and experience packages – like apprenticeships – the government have pushed them and they’re now pretty prevalent. It just shows how business are starting to see people for their value and worth – it’s the people who are the backbone of a business and employers want to retain the great ones!

What advice would you give to any finance/accounting professional, currently looking for to move onto their next role?

Both: Ring Mitchell Adam!

Adam: Don’t rush into anything. The job market has improved, and will continue to do so, so take the time to really think about what you want from your next role – especially the kind of company you would like to work for; people can underestimate the importance of company culture.

Mitchell: Don’t just jump on job boards, spraying your CV all over the market. You’ll just get bombarded with calls. Talk to a specialist consultant who understands the market, and let them help and advise you.

Link to ‘The Three Year Glitch’ – by Intuit –

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