Is the Mitchell Adam Team Ready for the Velo (100 miles!) 12th May 2019?.

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How are you feeling about the Velo now that it’s much closer?

Ron: I can’t quite believe it’s this Sunday, it’s come round a bit too fast for my liking. In hindsight… I probably should of got a lot more miles on the board. I’ll make sure I complete it but I have no idea what state I’ll be in by the end of it.

Jess: Very nervous, just hoping that I can make the 100 to be honest, without collapsing… or dying.

Adam: Yeah, I’m excited, looking forward to do it and can’t wait.

Dee: I’m looking forward to it being over, quite excited to see how far I’m going to go. I think it’ll be quite fun, a challenge for me.

Do you have any comments on your Mitchell Adam branded kit? Anything you like or don’t like?

Ron: It’s a sweet kit. Credit goes to Adam Butler, especially fond of the extra padding.

Jess: I love my costume. There’s so many pockets for snacks.

Adam: It’s good, nice and padded, so it’ll be a nice comfortable ride.

Dee: It’s cool, I would have gone for some long sleeves or long legs as I feel the cold. I like the colours, the company colours match my bedroom.

I imagine you need to pack light, so what are your must haves for the cycle?

Ron: Snacks, snacks, snacks. Having tried out the last 25 miles of the course already I know we’re all in for a massive challenge, any extra energy will be welcomed.

Jess: Energy gels, lots of water, flapjacks, deodorant, hair spray, maybe some foundation.

Adam: Apart from the inner tubes, pump I’m going with Haribo, little energy bars and waterproof jacket.

Dee: Energy gels, my bank card for snacks at stop offs, water and jam sandwiches, because a candidate told me that’s what I’ll need.

Over the last few weeks, what have you focused on prep wise? Eating, training, drinking more water?

Ron: I’ve always been very last minute, however I think I left this one a little too last minute. Tried a few rides, I did 40 miles on Monday… it was a massive wake up call. All of this week I’ve eaten right, been drinking well and stretching day and night, making sure I’m supple for D-Day.

Adam: None of the above, I had great intentions but unfortunately life got in the way. I wish I’d done more prep.

Dee: I’ve not directly been thinking about the Velo, I’ve been eating and drinking more water, been to the gym a few times and started taking some vitamins. So the Velo has made a positive change to my lifestyle.

Are you confident you’ll complete it or do you have any targets or finish times?

Jess: I would just see that completing the 100 miles as an accomplishment, no finish times, just doing it in a day.

Adam: I’d like to finish in less than seven hours.

Dee: So, I always try to do everything to the best of my ability, I know in my head that I won’t hit 100 miles, I’ll try, but I’ll be happy if I hit 50.

What do you think will get you through this marathon challenge?

Jess: Probably the energy gels and lots of sugar.

Adam: I can’t bare the thought of failing and I’ve got a bit of inspirational music to carry me through the last 20 miles.

Do you have any plans for your bike when you’ve finished? Have you found a new found passion or will you be seeking a second home? (For the bike that is).

Jess: It will be going in the bin. And I’ll be going straight back to my gym classes, I’d have preferred tough mudder really.

Dee: I think I might be giving it back to Scott, who kindly lent it to me, thanks Scott. I don’t think I’ll continue with cycling but I’m also up for tough mudder.

What do you plan to eat once you’ve finished?

Ron: For dessert I want a warm brownie and cream. I’m thinking of either a Domino’s half and half Texan BBQ pizza or a 6-piece from KFC. I’m not sure what would be on the other half of the pizza until the day.

Jess: A big, extra-large pizza and maybe a gin and tonic.

Adam: Right I’ve been in a debate about this, either gonna have pizza or steak. But really a pint is what I’m most looking forward.

Dee: A Big Mac meal with strawberry milkshake, lemonade, tea and cake.

Good luck everyone. We can’t wait to hear how you all got on!

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