How to avoid being spooked about starting your new job?.

Halloween is a weekend of scary antics; whether you go out, enjoy fright nights or spend the evening trick or treating – it’s a weekend to enjoy frightening each other, and most of us love it!! But do you know what can be scarier than any clown, any ghost or any vampire walking around the streets?! Walking into a new job!!

I think people get scared starting a new job for lots of different reasons but all of them link back to the fact that it throws you out your comfort zone; who do I talk to? How do they do things? What if nobody talks to me? And the big one, what if I don’t like it? But it’s also actually quite exciting! I mean, who wants to sit around in their comfort zone their whole life, right?

The fear of starting a new job can sometimes stop people even applying for something that could potentially be a really good opportunity for them! Even if there is no progression in their current role and they are super unhappy. Its all about confidence, sometimes you just need to have a quiet word with yourself and remember how amazing you are!! But if you need a little bit more convincing, here are a few pointers for the first day at your new job.

1: Remember why they hired you

You probably get nervous before each interview, you answer all the questions they throw at you, and explain everything you have previously done; every skill you have obtained and everything you have learnt – then finally you get the phone call you have been waiting for … you have the job!! Of course, you are really happy, but then reality kicks in – you actually have to start something completely new and start forgetting why they hired you in the first place!! Take a step back and remind yourself; they hired you because you were the best, they probably interviewed several different people and they picked you, they did this because, your skills, your experience, your strengths, your talents, and your character are what they are looking for!!

2: Introduce yourself to everyone, be chatty, ask questions and make friends

It may be your first day, and you might be really overwhelmed at how many people are in the office – but don’t let them know this. My best advise? Put a big smile on your face, introduce yourself to everyone, and make conversation with your new colleagues. The quicker you start to build these relationships, the more comfortable you will start to feel and it will be easier for you to ask questions. Don’t be scared of people you don’t know, embrace and enjoy it!!

3: Be Proactive

I know you will have just started, and may need to wait in order to be shown certain things, but don’t let this stop you from being self sufficient. Set goals for yourself, list everything down you want to accomplish and set deadlines. This can be anything, a series of small goals – no matter what the job; you will be more effective when you put your full energy and effort into it. By doing this, it will not only give you something to focus on (and take your mind off the fact its your first day!), but it will also give you that extra little bit of confidence and show your employer how eager and excited you are to get going.

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