Don’t be the Grinch who stole Christmas.

You may or may have not seen “The Grinch” if you haven’t … then get watching!! The Grinch is a fictional character who lives in a town called Whoville; he hates Christmas and also wants to ruin it for everyone else!! Now why is this all relevant … working in a sales environment, no boss wants to be bringing their team down, especially in the festive period – everyone should embrace the season and encourage their team to join in on the holiday spirit; So how do you motivate your team, and remind them it doesn’t always have to be all work and no play?!


Make the office look Christmassy

Don’t keep the office the same as it always is and try and hide the fact its Christmas; put tinsel around the whiteboards, dangle snow flakes from the ceilings and DO NOT forget a big, bright, amazing Christmas Tree for the office! Making the office a more attractive place to work in over the festive period will lift everybody’s mood and make it not seem such a bad place to be after all.

Christmas Jumper Day

Arrange a Christmas Jumper day so that everyone can come together, look silly and have a little bit of fun. Not only does it remind everyone that it’s the season to be jolly, but it also gives everybody something to look forward to.

Secret Santa

This can bring everyone closer together, and is a creative way to really build relationships within the workplace. Put a low limit on it, maybe £10 – £15, and get the whole team involved – Secret Santa can bring a lot of banter and fun into the office without disturbing the day too much.

Have a Christmas Party

A Christmas party is something the whole team looks forward to, and gives everyone something to talk about! It’s also a great way for people to unwind and really enjoy themselves. Christmas is the best excuse to have an office party and what better way to make the team feel more appreciated?! Pick a good venue with lots of food, and alcohol for those of us who like a drink – let’s celebrate Christmas as a team!!


I guess every company will celebrate Christmas differently, but there is no excuse to not share the Christmas spirit with the whole team. Let’s all make work a fun place to be in December, and I hope nobody takes on the role of “The Grinch who stole Christmas”

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