Does your job give you the creeps? Take the bite and be happy for Halloween!.

Not everyone can be always be happy in their job each and every day. It’s a given. But life is far too short to be stuck in a job that your truly don’t enjoy.

“Choose a job you love and never work a day in your life”

There are so many fantastic jobs out there to choose from and sat on the front line of it within financial recruitment, we work day in and day out on trying to place you in a role you love. With Halloween upon us we encourage you to TAKE THE BITE and begin your search for a career that will make you happy.

DON’T GET SPOOKED – We are here to understand what you dislike about you current role in order to find you one that you will love.

Having worked for several different companies in my time I could not agree with the following 5 points more strongly. We spend so much of our lives at work; we need to make sure they do not become “dead hours”

If you were not happy in your house, wouldn’t you look to move? If you were not happy with the gym you use , you would seek out an alternative surly?

My point being although as human beings we are adverse to the idea of change, But change on the journey to having a more enjoyable and productive work life should be something that is embraced.

Be a happy person and here’s why!

Happy people make better decisions.

Unhappy people operate in permanent crisis mode. Their focus narrows, they lose sight of the bigger picture, their survival instincts kick in and they’re more likely to make short-term, here-and-now choices. Conversely, happy people make better, more informed decisions and are better able to prioritise their work.

Happy people are a lot more fun to be around and consequently have better relations at work.

This translates into:

  • Better teamwork with your colleagues
  • Better employee relations if you’re a manager
  • More satisfied customers if you’re in a service job
  • Improved sales if you’re a sales person

Happy people fix problems instead of complaining about them.

When you don’t like your job, every molehill looks like a mountain. It becomes difficult to fix any problem without agonising over it or complaining about it first. When you’re happy at work and you run into a glitch – you just fix it.

Happy people get sick less often.

Getting sick is a productivity killer and if you don’t like your job you’re more prone to contract a long list of diseases including ulcers, cancer and diabetes. You’re also more prone to workplace stress and burnout.

Happy people worry less about making mistakes – and consequently make fewer mistakes.

 When you’re happy at work the occasional mistake doesn’t bother you much. You pick yourself up, learn from it and move on. You also don’t mind admitting to others that you messed up – you simply take responsibility, apologise and fix it. This relaxed attitude means that less mistakes are made, and that you’re more likely to learn from them.

“Happy Halloween from the Mitchell Adam team”


– Emma George –




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