CV Tips Part 1 – Credit Control.

Search online for tips on how to write a CV or improve a CV and there will be countless results, however, whilst useful, they’re usually quite generic. As a financial and accountancy focused recruitment agency, we would like to impart some of our knowledge to help you improve your CV.

If you’re a Credit Controller, or have experience of credit control within an accounts receivable or sales ledger role there are some points you need to cover. For each role of this type it’s a good idea to include a sentence with information such as the size of the team, how many accounts were in the ledger and the approximate minimum to maximum values. For example: ‘Worked as part of a team of 8 credit controllers managing 52 accounts with values of approx. £10,000 to £100,000’. This statement adds context to anything else you have to say about your experience during the role.

There are a few questions you need to ask yourself to give potential employers a better understanding of what you’re capable of, such as:

• What is the monthly average value of debt on your ledger?
• Did you handle any key accounts, and if so, how many?
• Did you have any set processes to follow to chase payments, such as two calls followed by an email?
• Were you required to carry out credit checks?
• Have you ever had to initiate legal proceedings?

Granted, there are more points you can detail within the CV, but this does give you something to think about to get the ball rolling.

The most interesting part of a CV for any recruiter or potential employer is what you actually achieved in your role. As a Credit Controller we all know in essence that your predominant goal is to pick up the phone and chase debt however what’s actually interesting is what your KPI’s, target rates vs achievements rates were and whether you improved any processes during your time in the job.

Something to remember is that you can never go into too much detail when approaching a recruitment agency. If anything is irrelevant or excessive your consultant will be able to make adjustments and advise you on what to keep and what to remove. What any candidate wants to avoid is approaching an agency or applying for a job with only the bare minimum of information.

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