Bah Humbug! Re-finding your happiness at work?.

Most offices up and down the country will be aglow with joys of Christmas – good will to all men, Peace on earth, sharing is caring – everyone is loving life right now; from Bob in accounts to Sandra in payroll. Happiness is infectious.

So as the atmosphere changes in your office, if you’re not swinging from the tinsel or carolling down the corridors you may not feel part of the team; and the festive period may serve to highlight how unhappy you are at work.

So if you’re more “Bah Humbug“ than “Joy to the world”, and the time off over Christmas has been the only thing getting you in at 8:30am each morning since last August bank holiday, we’ve got a few tips to help get your happiness back on track ready for 2015!

So you’re thinking of pulling a sickie the day of your Christmas party to avoid any extra time with your colleagues.

It’s a fact that you’ll spend more time with your colleagues than your family. It’s also a fact that you’re not going to get on with everybody. So when these facts collide and you’re stuck with someone you don’t like for 8 hours a day, it’s bound to get you down. But I’m sure for every one person you despise there are two you love, so focus on the good ones!

My mom always said to me “Don’t cut your nose off to spite your face” and though there may be one (or a few) you don’t like at the party, the fun you can have with the others may build better, lasting friendships which ease the tension you have with others.

Of course if it’s a matter of bullying you’ll need to speak to HR and report those responsible; bullying is not only unprofessional but spiteful, and breeds a bad working environment. I’d recommend attempting to build bridges first, but we’re all adults and if nothing can be mended at least you can hold your head up high; and it won’t go unnoticed by other colleagues, showing those up for exactly who they are!

Even as you watch the classic Crimbo film it’s a wonderful life while wrapping the last of your presents, you can’t take your mind off work.

There could be many reasons work plays on your mind outside of hours, but the main offender is feeling you haven’t finished your work. Perhaps there have been changes in your department; a co-worker has left and the role won’t be replaced, an office re-jig means it’s harder to communicate with those you need to.

Whatever the reason, a proactive approach will help; whether this be making a list of tasks and ticking them off, building better relationships with those you need a quick turnaround from or asking for help from management.

You find yourself empathising with Santa for the lack of work 364 days a year.

Some would say Santa has the best work schedule ever; others would strongly disagree. If you don’t have enough work to keep you busy you’ll find yourself clock watching and work life will quickly become unbearable; especially if you’re looking to progress in your career and need moments to prove yourself.

The best action to take is to honestly explain this in your next review, or even ask for a quick meeting with your manager at their earliest convenience. I’m not saying pester your manager, but by putting yourself forward when time is stretched, you’ll show you’re tenacious and want to see the company succeed, while developing your own skills.

There are times though, when it’s simply time to move on. No amount of banter with colleagues or talks with managers will make you feel any happier, and staying put will only lead to you feeling worse.

Over the Christmas break and into the beginning of January is a time when most people find themselves in that same position, looking for the nest step up on the ladder, or willing to take a step down to find a position to suit them. So if you feel it’s time to move on dust off that CV and read our January blog, about standing out form the January Jobseeker crowd!

All that’s left is to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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