Aston Careers Fair.

We hit another Mitchell Adam milestone last week, with the attendance of our first graduate fair. We took a little stroll (well, taxi ride – we had lots to carry!) down to Aston University, where we met some very impressive students and graduates!

After a slight hiccup putting up the sign, who knew you had to stand on the bottom for the whole time… we were set up and ready to meet and greet!

As the students made their way round corner to our stand, we were nestled between Cross Country Rails (whose team were lovely!), Toyota and Gradjobs, they were the greeted by three beaming faces, with leaflets and sweets in hand!

And though we may have confused one girl with our enthusiasm, she looked very bemused when her hand was shook and all she wanted was a leaflet, it just served to break the ice and led to one of the many lovely conversation we had with the Aston attendees.

Shot of fair

We were on hand to offer career advice and insights into the financial market and recruitment.

And as the day progressed we were impressed by the amount of extremely well prepared attendees who had their CVs printed – or macs ready – and were more than happy to have one of our Consultants talk them through their CV; offering them advice on formatting, missing valuable information – such as languages and unnecessary information that can make the CV seem off-putting.

We had a great day out of the office, meeting the next generation of leaders, and getting their views on the job market and improvements needed. We’re due to attend the second and last graduate fair for this year, at University of Birmingham on the 5th November – bonfire night – and we’re expecting some more explosive and illuminating students; and we cant wait!

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