All the Gear, No Idea – is the Mitchell Adam Velo Team Ready?.

With 10 weeks to go until our team  cycle the Velo 100 miles, we asked them a few questions to find out how prepared they were.

What gear have you bought so far?

Ron: I’ve bought bib shorts, cycling shoes, jerseys; both short and long sleeved, base layers, sunglasses, helmet, pump, energy supplements, inner tubes, cycling socks. I borrowed a road bike, bought gloves; some with fingers… and some cut off gloves. Erm, I bought lights for the bike, drinks bottles… 2 of them. Oooh and I removed the pump on the bike and replaced it with another bottle holder.

Dee: A bike that I want to return as it’s not the right type of bike, and a road bike is a bit costly. If anyone has one please get in touch! I also have a helmet with some lights, and a new backpack. I never thought I’d wear a backpack; it’s taking me back to my school days.

Adam: I bought a bit of winter training kit, so a nice thermal jersey so I can get outside, some extra padded shorts to make the longer training sessions a bit more comfortable.

If you removed your pump holder Ron, where are you putting your pump?

Ron: I’m going to put it in a pouch pocket on my jersey, along with my snacks.

Tell us your current feelings about the challenge

Dee: ‘Is it too late to back out’ a feeling? After doing a 28 mile ride and getting lost after 27 miles I’m not really too sure how I’m feeling. It was fun for 20, but I don’t know how I feel about 100.

Jess: Feeling quite nervous after the 28 miles. It wasn’t a struggle but I think the bike may struggle, that’s why I’ve had to ask my neighbour for a bike, to give me a little more speed.

Adam: Really excited about it, it’s nice to have a goal to train towards.

How’s your exercise routine changed?

Ron: Ever since I did that 28 miles it’s got worse. I’ve not been on the bike for two weeks after a work trip to Amsterdam. Trying to find time to fit cycling in during the week. I’m now realising it’s now March and looking to get back on track.

Jess: Not really as I go gym every day anyway. I could do with going out on the bike a little more, instead of relying on the spin bike.

Adam: I’ve increased the cycling miles, so I’ve fitted in two longer cycles per week, rather than just the commute, and I’ve cut down the beers, trying to lose a bit of timber before the ride.

How did you feel after that one Dee?

Dee: Quite accomplished that I did it, especially with no training. But I still don’t want to do the 100 mile bike ride. Help.

Have you done any cycling research to help you get through the 100 mile?

Ron: Luckily I know two keen cycling enthusiasts, one of them being Adam. I’ve basically listened to them and tried to get any nugget from them between buying socks to how to change an inner tube!

Jess: No, I was literally just going to go in and do it. I haven’t looked into it, I’d rather just go in with an open mind.

Adam: No, sadly I spend more time reading about cycling than actually cycling so I’m already up on that.

Is there any mental prep you’ve considered Jess?

Jess: I’m thinking about doing some yoga the day before, chill me out.

When was the last time, before this training you rode a bike?

Ron: I must have been a teenager on a mountain bike, with the boys.

Dee: Maybe 10 years old

Jess: 12 years old, and when I was younger I fell off and scraped my face, so I was never great on a bike.

Adam: I cycle a lot, I’m a keen cyclist. I’ve been cycling for 6 years.

There you have it, a mixed pot of preparedness but we’re sure that when 12th May comes around, the whole team will be ready for the challenge!

If you’d like to sponsor Adam, Dee, Ron and Jess, please go to our Virgin Money Giving page.

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