8 Steps on How to Create a Successful Recruitment Agency.

Everyone’s experience of using a recruitment agency will be different depending on which one they use – some amazing, some good, and some terrible!! A great agency can make the process of matching candidates to jobs simple and easy for everyone involved, ensuring they provide an excellent service.

Looking for a new job can be a daunting process, many who have been trying for a long time begin to lose motivation and start to question their own ability.

From a client’s point of view, they might not have enough hours in the day to short list from the numerous of CV’s that come their way – and that’s just the start. Pre-screening phone calls and arranging first, second and third interviews is also a long and detailed process.

This is when a truly top quality recruitment agency can make a difference and stand apart from the others.

1. Credibility

To be a successful agency candidates and clients have to be able to trust them. Building credibility starts from the moment people interact, and is sustained by delivering on what you have committed to do, communicating regularly and in general, acting with integrity. As a recruiter positively develops their own personal brand, their network will naturally expand, which in turn achieves an even higher level of credibility for the agency.

2. Passion

It is vital that every recruitment Consultant working within an agency has passion for what they do, and more importantly the ability to ignite passion in others. It is their job to make prospective clients understand why their agency is the best solution, whilst being genuinely interested in what they are saying. Without that spark of enthusiasm they will find it very difficult in a competitive market. If Consultants within an agency find joy in helping people then it’s going to be successful – it’s all about passion.

3. Transparency

One of the biggest mistakes an agency can make is keeping people in the dark. If you have no news, tell them. If you are chasing the client, tell them. Nothing will destroy an agencies reputation more than one of their recruiters not following through. Transparency goes hand in hand with honesty, if their CV is not up to scratch a consultant needs to work with them to make it more relevant. This is important for clients too, if they are expecting too much and don’t want to pay the market rate then educate them, Consultants need to be able to coach them to realign their offer to suit. There are a lot of agencies out there that will avoid addressing these issues and then wonder why their proposition suddenly becomes irrelevant.

4. Consistency

This is a characteristic that all Recruitment Consultants within an agency must possess in order to make it successful, and it’s very simple to achieve. Basically, if you call a client or candidate and arrange to call them back in a week, then you must call them back in a week. If you tell someone that you will go back to them with more information tomorrow, then go back to them with more information tomorrow. If an agency does exactly as they say, and listens to exactly what either their client or candidate want, then this builds trust in them and what they are saying.

5. A clear area of expertise

Unless a business’s recruitment needs are very general, they need to make sure the agency they choose understands the industry. If they don’t have a solid insight, then they’ll struggle to identify the most suitable candidates. Evidence shows specialist businesses that find a niche and develop their profile within it tend to do better, this is normally because they will have a good level of expertise and a strong network.

6. Registered and Qualified

It’s an agency’s responsibility to keep up to date with anything that could affect their business and its ability to deliver an accurate and compliant service. A good recruitment agency in the UK should be registered with a Recruitment Membership Organisation, for example, Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), Institute of Recruiters (IOR), The Association of Recruitment Consultants (ARC) – this means they will be able to demonstrate an understanding of current employment law and ethical standards.

7. Have an in-depth Screening Process

A business will use an agency to make their recruitment process easy, quick and simple, creating as little stress as possible. The last thing they need is to be handed 20 CV’s and left to figure out which candidates are best suited to their role. A diligent recruitment agency will spend a considerable amount of time understanding what their client wants and pre-screening candidates, they will then only introduce people who are an excellent fit.

8. Offer an after-sales service

A lot of recruitment agencies suddenly disappear once their candidate has been placed, but this isn’t the way to go. A good Consultant will regularly check in over the first few months to help out with any teething problems, this will build long lasting, successful relationships and will help them in the long run.

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