4 ways to get the best service from your Consultant.

The relationship between a Consultant and a candidate plays a huge part in the whole recruitment process.

This is for two reasons –

1) They are dependent on each other; a candidate needs help finding their next role – a Consultant will have ready-made connections they can introduce you to. A recruiter needs to deliver candidate options to their clients so it is imperative they have a selection of candidate options.
2) Both parties need to have a mutual respect for each other; this may be a controversial comment, but here is my logic… It’s human nature. If you have a positive relationship with someone, professionally or personally, you’re going to want to make them happy and will be more enthusiastic in doing so, maybe even go that extra mile. I’m not saying everyone has to be best friends, but I definitely think the better the relationship, the better the overall process.

I think sometimes (very rarely), either the recruiter or the candidate can approach recruitment with the wrong attitude, both are equal within the recruitment process and one cannot work without the other. It is therefore in everyone’s best interest for them to achieve the best working relationship possible.

Below are 4 things a candidate can do to get the best result from a recruiter:

1. Have a positive approach

Attitude is everything, especially on a first impression. If a recruiter calls you it’s normally going to be because they have a role you may be interested in, or they want to find out more about your current situation (this is so that if something does come in, they know what you want). We understand if you are actively looking for a new opportunity you may get a lot of these phone calls or it may not be a convenient time to talk. If you’re busy, book a better time to call, take a few minutes to find out if the recruiter is going to listen to what you’re looking for, find out if they’re the right person to support you in finding your next role, they are trying to help you and wouldn’t be calling to ask unnecessary questions.

2. Be punctual

We understand that sometimes, being late is unavoidable – it’s just life!! However, if a phone call has been scheduled and for whatever reason you can’t answer, call back as soon as possible or quickly send the recruiter an email, just so they are in the loop. Failing to do this could make the recruiter question how reliable you are.

This works both ways; if a recruiter is always failing to answer your phone calls and never gets round to getting back to you, the trust will be lost and eventually you won’t want to work with them.

The same rule applies for face to face meetings; if you are running late for an interview, or you can no longer make it, call them explaining… This way everyone’s informed!! A recruiter also needs to ensure they are free and ready for the time you have both arranged to, it’s not fair to keep people waiting.

3. Always be honest

If you bend the truth on your CV to get your foot in the door, a good recruiter will quickly notice that something isn’t quite right. For example, if you have exaggerated your dates, times, duties and technical responsibilities, though background checks and face to face meetings the truth will eventually come out. Also, what would happen if you got the job? The client would soon realise you are not capable of everything you have promised and it would damage the relationship.

4. Be willing to accept, and take on board feedback

Everyone is amazing in their own right, and everyone can bring something different to the table. However, some candidates will come with salary or role expectations that the market just can’t match. Your Consultant should provide advice and guidance, and if they’re an expert in their market they are worth listening to!

To sum this up; recruiters really do want all of their candidates to do well. I have seen the happiness when a candidate gets offered a job here at Mitchell Adam and they cannot wait to let them know – truly because they care!! Of course, nobody is perfect, and everyone has their bad days but the better the relationship between candidate and recruiter, the better the outcome!!

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