Accounts Assistant

Property, Birmingham, West Midlands

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Mitchell Adam is fortunate to be working closely with a well-known organisation who are looking to recruit a temporary Accounts Assistant to work in the heart of Birmingham’s financial and business district. The hybrid aspect of this role will ensure you will witness the best of both worlds, on site and in the office. A breath of fresh air in comparison to competitors.

Working closely with a senior manager you will acquire the insight to the day to day process of being an Accounts Assistant, you will build on your knowledge of this industry and apply your existing experiences to duties such as verifying purchase invoices, liaising with non-financial stakeholders, and generating and maintaining excel reports. The role provides a foundation which could see hard work be rewarded with a permanent role, successful applicants would also obtain invaluable experience which future employers will find captivating.

Skills required.

  • At least 12 months relevant experience within the accounting industry.
  • Charisma and intuition, a capability to build rapport with individuals from all backgrounds, and to summarise your knowledge with those not with accounting experience.
  • Strong proficiency in Excel, is preferred, but not essential, and a keen eye for numerical figures and statistics is needed for competing in a role such as this one.
  • Self- Confidence and knowledge of the accounting process will be relied on when interacting with stakeholders and making decisions.

What you will receive

  • A competitive salary, in which you also have the option to work Hybrid.
  • Indispensable experience, collaborating closely with colleagues and obtaining critical firsthand experience.
  • If you were to showcase your fantastic ability and work ethic, there is a good chance of a permanent offer at the end of the contract,
  • The ability to collaborate with a large organisation, which includes liaising with senior consultants and accountants, both of which will greatly help further your career aspirations.


If you have an aspiration to succeed in the accounting industry, this role is a fantastic and exciting opportunity that will improve your skills and knowledge. The unique potential of working with an expert allows you to grow into the role and it is highly likely that you will have an engaging experience working in this position.


Skills required

What you will recieve


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